LÜVO Lime + Strawberry Wine Spritzer 250ml can

Combining refreshing lime and juicy strawberry, LÜVO Lime + Strawberry Spritzer is a lively, low alcohol, low sugar wine fusion. Piquette wines, classically-fermented white wine and real fruit, together with a fine sparkle, make this a fresh and breezy sipper.

  • LÜVO Life Co.
  • sparkling
  • Nova Scotia
  • 250 mL
  • 7% Alc./Vol.
  • $5.99


Lively and exuberant, Lime + Strawberry Spritzer is brimming with strawberry aromatics and a bright and zesty undertone of key lime.


Keeping with our LÜVO style, the Lime + Strawberry Spritzer is refreshing and light with notes of key lime and strawberry jam. It has a lively bubble and a remarkable thirst-quenching finish. This spritzer is low in sugar and big on flavour!


Enjoy this Spritzer in the sunshine all year round. Pair it with dishes that highlight strawberries or lime like fresh spinach salad or guacamole or use it as a refreshing lift to veggie tempura, spicy sushi or a mixed BBQ grill. Either way, it will keep things refreshing and light.


Piquette is made from the fresh grape pomace (skins and seeds) that remains after pressing out the juice for classically fermented white and Rosé wines. There are still heaps of aromatics and some juice remaining in the pomace, so it can be used to make piquette. Both of our LÜVO Piquettes are made from piquette combined with classically-fermented white wine and an extra fruity splash to create refreshing spritzers. Lime + Strawberry Spritzer is an effervescent, fruit fusion that combines light and approachable Piquettes and classically-fermented wines with splashes of natural fruits and natural flavours.
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