Gaspereau Muscat 750mL

Gaspereau Muscat

New York Muscat, Nova Scotia’s most aromatic grape variety was used to make this slightly pink-in-colour wine. The grape itself is purple skinned but the flesh inside the grapes is clear. To extract as much of the aromatics as possible from the skins (where most of the aromatics in the grape variety concentrate), we employ a cold maceration or cold soak of the skins, seeds and juice. What this does is allows the aromatics of the skins to move to the juice. What also happens is that there is a movement as well of the color from the skins to the juice. This is why the Muscat has a copper/pink color.

  • Gaspereau Vineyards
  • White
  • Nova Scotia
  • 750 mL
  • 12% Alc./Vol.
  • $23.99


The nose of this signature Nova Scotian wine shows intense tropical fruit aromas of lychee fruit and passion fruit with distinct peach notes and hints of pink grapefruit, rose and fresh-cut mint.


Despite the illusion of sweetness displayed by the nose, this wine is dry with a long fresh peach, rose and spicy finish.


Muscat is the perfect partner for curry dishes, crab cakes and shellfish. Or try our personal favourite: Nova Scotia mussels steamed in Muscat with onions, peppercorns and garlic.


New York Muscat


Best in Class (Single Varietal White Wine Hybrid) - 2019 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards
Silver - 2018 The National Wine Awards of Canada
Best in Class (Single Varietal White Wine Hybrid) - 2017 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards
Gold - 2014 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards
Gold - 2013 All Canadian Wine Championships
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